We are looking for partners to make the conference great and join us with interesting content in the programme for our community. The sponsorship packages below include such opportunities as a highly promoted talk, workshop or walkthrough, networking and branding opportunities, and cross-promoting of sponsor events that could be held under the SeptembRSE umbrella.

How can I get involved?
Firstly, thank you for considering the RSE Community for sponsorship! Just like previous years, a sponsor form is available and if you’d like to support our community in this event, you can choose the package of your choice via the form.
We’re aware that several organisations would like to sponsor us (which is great!) and each year we try to make the sponsoring process as fair as possible to all interested parties so that we give everyone a fair shake.

You can request a meeting to discuss the details and have a guided tour through Gather Town, the virtual expo, programme and social area with the Sponsorship Chair, Claire Wyatt.

From 7th July – Packages are available to view below, email to arrange a meeting to discuss them and see a guided tour through the virtual conference.
28th July – The sponsor form is available from 10am (link above).
29th July – We will get in touch to talk about the package, the virtual expo area etc.

If you would like to discuss these packages, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Poster Prize Sponsor
You can add the poster prize sponsor to any package for £500. There is only one poster prize sponsor available.

2 available
4 available
Keynote at either the opening or closing event
Dedicated session in the programme.

(choose from a talk, a walkthrough, a workshop)

(choose from a talk, a walkthrough, a workshop)

Lightning talk slot to advertise your booth

Dedicated time with committee to support the design of your booth and room

Lightning talk slot to advertise your booth

Ability to have dedicated time (3hrs) from the committee to help design your booth (£100)

Lightning talk slot to advertise your booth

Ability to have dedicated time (3hrs) from the committee to help design your booth (£100)

Gathertown Metropolis

A virtual expo area with a booth for each sponsor enabling easy networking with the attendees.

The Expo area will be accessible at all times during the conference and it will be integral to our conference.

Larger size booth

sponsor room

Free hire of private sponsor meeting room for 1 to 1 meetings

Medium size booth


Free hire of private sponsor meeting room for 1 to 1 meetings

Normal size booth


Ability to hire a private sponsor room for 1 to 1 meetings (£20 per day)

An opportunity to record a podcast episode with Code for Thought hosted by Peter Schmidt
Delegate Registrations ✔ 4 ✔ 3 ✔ 2 ✔ 2
Sponsors are thanked and their logo is included in the:
  • conference programme
  • on the introduction/ closing slides for each session (30+)
  • on conference website with the organisation website link


What is the difference between a walkthrough and workshop? 
A walkthrough is a live-coding talk (20 minute talk where the presenter walks through, e.g. a jupyter notebook or installing or using a technology or tool). Attendees are not expected to install anything or follow on, but the hope is that the materials from the walkthrough will remain online so that people can repeat the walkthrough themselves on their own computers in their own time. In contrast, a workshop is an interactive long session (between 60 minutes and 1 day, duration is up to the presenter), with a limited audience, where the audience will work through material that is provided by the presenter. This could be doing a training workshop, or hands-on learning how to use a piece of software or build things on the cloud.

Is a tutorial allowed?
A workshop is a tutorial.

How can you guarantee people will come to my booth?
We will co-locate the posters with the sponsor booths and will have dedicated poster sessions. This will be a central room through which everyone will have to walk to go to other events e.g. other rooms will branch out of this room. We will encourage attendees to use gather.town to get to the programme sessions, posters and social events and it will be difficult to miss the booths.

What cool things can gathertown allow you to do as a sponsor?
Quite a lot – A simple booth can be decorated however the sponsor wants (subject to CoC and limitations of gather.town) using objects. The booth (or sponsor’s dedicated room) can include lots of virtual items that can link out to other things, e.g. external websites, videos, links to register to get free cloud credits, etc. etc. The main benefit of gather.town is to provide a way for virtual attendees to network and enter private 1-on-1 meetings with sponsors.

What are the different rooms in Gathertown?
Booths will be different sizes and can be customised.
Side meeting rooms with table and chairs off to the side of the main meeting room are for private one to one meetings to take an attendee from the booth to have a chat.
Dedicated sponsor room will be a large room, left or right of the main conference room that can be set up as a proper room. A place for fun activities?