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Understanding the impact of Foo on the community


The aim of this panel will be to discuss the impact of Foo on the wider RSE community. We will have a diverse panel of four RSEs who have come up with novel strategies for dealing with Foo, and will seed the panel discussion using the following three questions:

How has Foo impacted your organisation over the last year?

What worked, and what didn’t work, when you tackled Foo? What advice would you give to others?

How could funders and policy makers make it easier for the community to better account for Foo?


This panel will be of interest to RSEs, policy makers and funders who are either concerned about Foo, who are impacted by Foo at the moment, or who have had success or failure dealing with Foo in their organisation that they would like to share with others.


We will write up a blog post for the RSE website that will summarise the issues around Foo, detail current experiences of the community, and suggest a possible way forward for how the entire community can deal with Foo in the future.


We will prepare the slides and they will be uploaded to the conference platform to be shared with all participants before the conference. We will ensure these slides use suitably large and legible fonts, and that we have checked our colour choices so that all figures are understandable for people who are colour-blind. I have read the Accessibility Statement of the conference and tried to make the material accessible to all.


We will upload the slides including panel questions to the conference system as discussed above and will promote these on Twitter and on the dedicated SeptembRSE conference channel on the RSE slack to encourage attendance and also pre-submission of questions.

Technological Requirements

We will need assistance in testing our presentation on the chosen conference platform prior to the event in order to ensure that all panelists have appropriate access. We would also like assistance with testing and selecting a live note-taking platform.