Registration is now open for SeptembRSE!

SeptembRSE is the Virtual RSE Conference, held online between the 6th-30th September 2021. Registration costs £15 for members of the Society of Research Software Engineering, and £35 for non-members. Registration gives access to the full month of SeptembRSE activities, including:

  • Live access to all 30+ SeptembRSE streaming sessions. These include talk sessions, walkthrough sessions, workshops, panels, discussions, and poster, networking and debating events. The full timetable will be published soon!
  • Access to and participation in live discussions associated with each streaming session
  • Access to our virtual conference centre for the entire duration of SeptembRSE. Guide your avatar around the center to access live sessions, network with other conference attendees, hold meetups, discussions and play games (including taking part in the RSE cryptic code treasure hunt)

Registration is open now and will remain open until the end of the penultimate week of SeptembRSE (Friday 19th September).

What if I can’t afford a ticket?

We recognise that not everyone will be able to purchase a ticket. We strive to maximise diversity of attendance, so have a limited number of free tickets available. Please email us if you would like to request one of these tickets, clearly stating how you would contribute to the conference and why you are not in a position to purchase a ticket.

Do I need to buy a ticket if I am presenting?

Presenters at SeptembRSE will be given a free day ticket for the day (or days) on which they are presenting. If you are presenting, you can use this day ticket to access the conference venue and any other sessions on the day(s) you are presenting without purchasing a conference ticket to SeptembRSE. We hope that most presenters would see the value in the conference as a whole and will purchase a conference ticket to access the entire event.

Are there any limits on attendance of any of the live sessions?

Most sessions have no attendance limits, and you will be able to attend by virtually walking your avatar up on the day (or clicking on a link). A small minority of sessions will have attendance limits, e.g. some workshops. Registration will give you access to the system to reserve your free space in those sessions. 

Are the sessions being recorded?

All sessions will be recorded and published openly about 1-2 days later for free viewing by anyone. All session materials (e.g. slides, discussion boards etc.) will also be made freely and openly available.

When will the sessions be held?

Sessions will be spread throughout September, with sessions happening on most days (the timetable will be published soon). Sessions will predominantly take place between 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm, to fit in with UK core working hours. All sessions will be recorded and published, so can be time-shifted if needed.

I am a member of another national RSE Society or Association. Can I pay the reduced ticket price?

The reduced ticket price is only for members of the Society of Research Software Engineering. Membership costs £20, which is equal to the difference in price between the full conference ticket and the reduced price ticket. We are in touch with other RSE Societies and Associations with the aim of providing a limited number of free tickets to members of those Societies and Associations as part of the RSE Worldwide session. Please email us if you are representative of a RSE Society or Association and would like to participate in RSE Worldwide and obtain a limited number of free tickets.

Do I need to use to access the live sessions?

We encourage all participants to use to access sessions, as it really does add the impromptu networking and conversations that make a conference more than just the sum of its sessions. We recognise that not everyone will be willing or able to use, so will be providing an accessible timetable with easily readable links to join each live session.