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Using Foo to create interactive analyses of Bar


Foo is a popular data analysis module which can be used to create interactive analyses of Bar. We used Foo successfully during a recent project. This gave us an insight into some useful tips and tricks that we now want to share. During this workshop we will use a cloud server that we will provide with Foo installed so that we can teach attendees how to create an interactive analysis of Bar. Starting from a simple Foo analysis, we will build up to an interactive and full-feature visualisation of Bar that could be applied to a wide range of different disciplines.

Workshop duration

120 minutes


This workshop will be of interest to anyone who has to perform analyses similar to Bar, or who supports researchers performing such analyses, or who have heard about Foo and want to learn more. We will assume knowledge of python and Linux, but will not expect any knowledge of Foo, and will provide an introduction to Bar.

What is the maximum number of people who could attend the workshop

We are limited by the number of logins to our server. We can only accommodate a maximum of 20 attendees.


Attendees will have a good knowledge of Foo, or Bar analyses, and enough information to enable them to start applying Foo to create interactive Bar analyses of their own. We will support this outcome by uploading the workshop VM specs and slides to the conference app / website before the conference, thereby providing a resource that will help others repeat and build on our work.


I will prepare the material for my workshop and it will be uploaded to the conference platform to be shared with all participants before the conference. I will ensure that any slides I need use suitably large and legible fonts, and that I have checked my colour choices so that all figures are understandable for people who are colour-blind. I have read the Accessibility Statement of the conference and tried to make my material accessible to all.


I will upload the workshop material to the conference system and website as discussed above and will promote these on twitter using the hashtag #septembrse and on the dedicated SeptembRSE conference channel on the UKRSE slack to encourage attendance. I will provide an email address to allow the attendees to pre-submit questions to check that they have installed any prerequisites, or have gained access to any servers or services, and will get in contact with communities of Foos and Bars to let them know that I am presenting this talk at SeptembRSE.

Technological Requirements

We will provide a Linux cloud server with foo installed. Attendees will connect to this server via a web interface (JupyterHub notebook) that we will provide on the server. We need to limit access to the server to registered users, so request the email addresses of attendees at least 3 days before our workshop so that we can register them and email them their passwords.